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RamBase Guidelines

Setup environment

Installing Visual Studio Code

It is recommended to use the Visual Studio Code editor, but any text editor can be used. With VS Code you will get access to RamBase code snippets and typescript intellisense.

Visual Studio Code can be downloaded from here. vscode.PNG


In the install wizard remember to select the Open with Code action to Windows Explorer.

Installing Homer Appsynchronizer

  1. Go to 1200px-Node_js_logo_svg.png

    (If you already have nodejs installed go to step 3)

  2. Download and install the version "Recommended for most users"

  3. Open the command prompt (in Windows: windows key + cmd + enter)

  4. Type npm install -g rb-homer

  5. To synchronize components, go to your RamBase component folder, open the command prompt and type rb serve

  6. A browser window should open up, where you need to log in with your RamBase credentials

    (pid and password, and select system: JHCDEVSYS)


You can open the terminal from VS code (View - Integrated terminal, -shortcut) ctrl + Ø in Norwegian


You can run "rb serve" in the application folder to listen to all components (typically you want to do this in a separate terminal window)


Or you can run rb serve in the component folder (typically you want to do this from VS Code)



To use the live reload functionality, open RamBase with parameter debug=true



You can turn on/off the reload functionality from the top header play icon.