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RamBase Guidelines

Required fields

The way to mark fields have strong implications for how users perceive and complete forms. 


The rule is to mark optional fields, not required.

Indicate that the positive is better because it gives a better feeling to users, the decision is made by the user. Do not use the asterisks, research shows that the use of this make users more fearful, it increases the risk of errors and reduces the form completion rate.

When creating an object, all the required fields must be included in the “Create” / “add” popover. The rest of the fields that are optional should be in the "details" view, where users can fill in after they have created the object. If there are fields that are necessary to have in the popover but which are not required, these must be marked with "Optional" inside the input field. If all the fields are required, the entire form is marked with "All fields are required" at the top. The "Create-button" must be disabled until all required fields are filled in.

Example of correct use of required fields: