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RamBase Guidelines

Standard RamBase layouts

You should always aim to use the standard RamBase layouts. All users will quickly recognize the layout and know how to navigate within your new applications.

List / details view

The recommended app structure contains two sections (columns). The left section typically contains a listview of data. When the user selects an item in the listview, the right section will show detailed information for the selected item. The two sections should be divided by using the splitter element, available from appeditor. The splitter makes the applicaton more customizable for the user by supporting resizing and collapsing of sections. In mobile view the splitter sections will be wrapped and a bulletpoint navigation area will appear to the right.

It is also recommended to have a splitter between the menu and the detail view.



Tabs are generally used to break content into multiple sections and to save space on the screen. Tabs are usually placed in the right section of the application.

Drilldown view

If there are much information to be displayed in the item level, you should consider to create this as a separate application. Then you would create a navigation point from the main application to the item application. In many cases an item application can also be used as a standalone application. The COA and COAITEM applications are examples of this.